2020 NPRR and TGP Workshops Presentations

The 7th Native Prairie Restoration/Reclamation and 5th Transboundary Grassland Partnership Workshops were held in Regina, SK at the Ramada Plaza, February 25-27, 2020. The Transboundary Grassland Partnership Workshop presentations can be found on the Transboundary Grassland Partnership page.

2020 NPRRW TGPW Program 

Wednesday February 26, 2020

Opportunities and Challenges of small-scale native seed production_Kelly Leask

Grasslands National Park Invasive Plant Management Plan_Nathan Young

Using an integrated approach to developing a weed management plan_Andre Bonneau

Rare Plants and Ranchers: Stewardship Solutions to Species at Risk Conservation_Chet Neufeld

Landowner Perspectives on Habitat Restoration - Tools, Resources and Partnerships_Katie Suek

20 years in the prairie native seed industry-seed production through creative partnerships_John Skinner

The right seed at the right time: challenges of sourcing native seed for restoration_Samantha Fischer

Management and control of invasive species in native pasture-Successes and Challenges_Meghan Hellman and Stacey Wiens

Eye (bright) of the Taiga: Remote remediation challenges with abandoned mines and rare plants_Sheri Korpess and Beth Dolmage

Prescribed fire and disturbance-driven heterogeneity to conserve biodiversity in grasslands_Dale Gross

Forage response to wildfire in the dry Mixedgrass prairie_Brandon Bischoff

Acknowledgement of reclamation and the challenge of sodium chloride impacted soils_Jonas Fenn

Hydro-seeding to limit erosion during pipeline reclamation_Andrew Stewart

Partnering for Pollinators: the Cheerios Xerces Pollinator Habitat Program and Skinner Native Seeds, part 1_Stephanie Frischie

Partnering for Pollinators: the Cheerios Xerces Pollinator Habitat Program and Skinner Native Seeds, part 2_John Skinner

Expanding the conservation tool box: recent partnerships initiatives by NCC_Cameron Wood

Using an App for Weed Management Reporting and Documentation_Lars Anderson

Frenchman Wood River Weed Management Area Building and Maintaining Relationships_Melanie Toppi

Thursday February 27, 2020

Vibrant prairie ecosystems: Healing ourselves while saving the planet_Katherine Arbuthnott

Native Plants in the Urban Environment: the Wascana Landscape and Irrigation Master Plan_Bob Somers

Contingency Planning_Larry Gabruch

Saline Grassland Restoration; starting from nowhere!_Kerry Hecker

Differentiating crested wheatgrass effectively using remote sensing_Thuy Doan and Xulin Guo

Examining best management practices to control the invasion of Potentilla recta in rangelands within East Kootenay, BC_Myra Juckers

Monitoring and modelling rangeland health with remote sensing_Irini Soubry and Xulin Guo

Enhancing leafy spurge control by suppressing mycorrhizae_Jon Bennett

Restoration Challenges and Strategies at Salt Contaminated Sites_James Hulsebosch

Soil properties in relation to presence of smooth brome (Bromus inermis) in Fescue Prairies at Riding Mountain National Park_Colleen Robertson

Get Lost in Nature to Find Yourself_Kayla Burak

Engaging People with conservation through parks and recreation_Andrew Exelby

Case study: Restoring an old hayfield to native prairie_Renny Grilz