How You Can Help

Citizen Science Opportunities:

Breeding Bird Atlas (distribution and may also provide relative abundance)

Variable time commitment/ any skill level

Example of recently completed Atlas results on line

Saskatchewan Atlas – find out more or sign up

Christmas Bird Count (distribution, distribution changes, weak for trends)

One day per year per count you participate in. Can be for any skill level – great way to learn from more experienced birders

Climate Change report

Checklist (distribution, relative abundance, trends)

Time to participate varies – can be daily or just once. Skill level varies.

Quebec Checklist

eBird site

eBird Canada site

Nest Records (productivity)

Time needed varies – participate when you find a nest. Need to be able to identify the nesting bird

Bird Banding returns

Minimal time and no skill level required unless reporting a flag, neck collar or nasal saddle

Banding Atlas

Longevity records

Report a band

Migration Monitoring

Time can vary but high skill level and time commitment to learn to band, age and sex birds. However, can assist with records or maintenance or net picking.

Canadian Migration Monitoring Network

Breeding Bird Survey (BBS)

2 days per year for each route to travel, do route, enter and check data. Very high skill level required to identify by sight or sound all likely species for the area where route occurs.

US site – look at myriad of results

Canadian Site – explore results

Find your local coordinator who can help you find a route

Learning Tools

Dendroica/ Piranga

Additional Surveys:

Nocturnal Owl Survey

Project Feederwatch

Monitoring Avian Productivity and Survivorship

Chaplin and Reed Lake Shorebird surveys