Vision & Goals

Photo by Andrea Kotylak.

Photo by Andrea Kotylak.

Vision: Healthy native prairie ecosystems as vital parts of our vibrant and strong communities.

Our Mission: The PCAP Partnership represents the collaborative efforts of multiple interests toward promoting and conserving Saskatchewan's native prairie. The PCAP Partners work together to deliver innovative and critical prairie conservation activities that represent the shared objectives of a diverse mix of stakeholders and that benefit the social, cultural, economic and ecological fabric of Saskatchewan.

Our Ecosystem Goal: Native prairie ecosystem health and biodiversity are conserved and restored as part of a functioning landscape.

Our Economic Goal: Sustainable uses of native prairie improve the livelihoods of Saskatchewan people.

Our Cultural Goal: Native prairie is a valued part of our culture and identity as Saskatchewan people.


Focus Areas Objectives 2019-2023
Native Prairie Education & Awareness Increase awareness of the ecological, cultural, and economic importance of native prairie and biodiversity including species at risk among students, general public, industry, and policy makers.
Responsible Land          Use on Native Prairie Provide land users with balanced, evidence-based information about ecological, economic and cultural influences and promote beneficial management practices to sustain healthy native prairie
and species at risk populations within a working landscape while mitigating adverse impact.
Native Prairie Ecosystem Management Promote the importance of land management knowledge and adoption of practices that have a positive impact on biodiversity, species at risk, and prairie ecosystem health including carbon
sequestration and climate change.