Teacher Resources - Climate Change

  • Canadian Wildlife Federation, Wild Education - Find learning activities that address the impacts of climate change on our natural world.
  • Distance Learning, A Change in the Air - The Biosphère is now offering to high schools and colleges across Canada Environmental Distance Learning, using videoconference technology. This exclusive outreach activity is tied with Provincial Education Programs and is made available to classes to discuss the very latest scientific information about clean air and climate change, the impacts on Canada and its regions, and what we can do about it. The general objective of the activity is to make students more aware and proactive concerning their environment.
  • Engaging Students through Global Issues: Real World Math - This two-part math resource engages students in learning foundational algebra and geometry through real-world data on global issues including a teacher's guide and corresponding student workbook containing 15 lessons on topics such as climate change, population and financial literacy.
  • Partners FOR the Saskatchewan River Basin, Click on Climate Change - Click on Climate is an outdoor field day program aimed at helping youth ages 8-13 understand some of the concepts associated with climate change and its interactions with ecosystems. Kits are used to deliver this program.
  • PlantWatch Saskatchewan - Help record blooming times for common plant species in your province by becoming a Citizen Scientist (related to climate change).
  • SEEDS Foundation - Provides objective, curriculum fit, energy and environment education programs including climate change for elementary and high school students.
  • World Wildlife Fund - Living Planet City - Check out WWF-Canada's new Living Planet City, an inspiring, fun and interactive virtual community that shows how sustainable, climate friendly cities are possible - now!