Native Prairie Restoration/Reclamation Workshop

1. A Prairie Collaboration_Grasslands National Park and Skinner Native Seeds_John Skinner and Heather Facette

2. Adapting Grass Banking as Conservation Tool for southern Saskatchewan_Cameron Wood_Nature Conservancy of Canada

3. Assessing and Establishing Native Bee Habitat in Agricultural Fringe Areas_Mae Elsinger_AAFC

4. Business and Biodiversity - A SaskPower Perspective_Jaret McDonald_SaskPower

5. Case Study - Swale Stormwater Pond Restoration_Renny Grilz_Meewasin Valley Authority

6. Challenges of Native Prairie Restoration_Larry Gabruch

7. Closing the Knowledge Gap - Investigating the Decline of a Fish Species at Risk_Reid Bryshun_U of S

8. Grassland Litter Dynamics_Eric Lamb_U of S

9. Mosaic's Environmental Partnerships in Saskatchewan_Jessica Theriault and Celeste Geisbauer_The Mosaic Company

10. Phytoremediation on Native Prairie_Elizabeth Murray_Earthmaster Environmental Strategies

11. Rare Plant Translocations_Sarah Vinge Mazer_Saskatchewan Conservation Data Centre

12. Reseeding Projects to Improve Greater sage-grouse Habitat in Montana_Kelsey Molloy_Sage Grouse Initiative

13. Restorating of Rare Vascular Plants in the Parkland and Prairies of Western Canada_Steven Tannas_Tannas Conservation Services

14. Restoring Grasslands in Prince Albert National Park_Dustin Guedeo_Prince Albert National Park

15. Riparian Restoration Case Study_Jim Elliott

16. Social Aspects of Prescribed Burning_Renny Grilz_Meewasin Valley Authority

17. SaskPower Linear Developments Environmental Screening and Mitigation_Dale Lautner_SaskPower

18. Seeding Native Grasses on Manitobas Nelson River_John Morgan_Prairie Habitats Inc

19. Governance Dimensions of Prairie Restoration_Jeremy Pittman

20. Habitat Connectivity in Prairie Restoration_Jeremy Pittman

21. Great Basin Native Plant Project_Francis Kilkenny_USDA Rocky Mountain Research

Program Overview

Wednesday February 7, 2018

Oil and Gas Development: a Producer's Perspective_Brian Weedon

Managing Habitat: Or Balancing the needs of Agriculture, Wildlife and Industry on the Prairie Landscape_Neal Wilson

Climate Change and Canadian Native Prairie - Jeff Thorpe

Restoration Challenges: Past, Present and Future_Ron Bowen

Technology and Reclamation Design _ Ragnar Robinson and Toby Noy

Irrespective of burn history, high levels of browsing are required to effectively control aspen encroachment in upland Manitoba_Kathryn Barr

Enhancing Grassland Bird Habitat in a Semi-Urban Setting - Renny Grilz

Descriptions of Manitoba's Aspen Parkland Plant Communities for Rangeland Health Monitoring_Lysandra Pyle

Stories from the Pit: What wetland soils can tell us about the landscape_Angela Bedard-Haughn

Thursday February 8, 2018

City of Saskatoon's Green Infrastructure Strategy Project_Genevieve Russell

Natural Processes for the Restoration of Drastically Disturbed Sites_David Polster

Ducks Unlimited Canada's Wetland Restorations on Agriculture Lands in Saskatchewan_Trevor Plews

Artificial Wetland Creation - Purpose, Design and Construction_Ben Poltorak_Earthmaster

Holistic Management approach to reclaim and restore grasslands_Kansie Fox

Recovery Strategies for Industrial Disturbance in Native Grasslands_Jane Lancaster

Restoring 71 - Redefining Value on Undesirable Land_Katie Suek

Traditional Ecological Knowledge; Look to the Future, Learn from the Past_Carol Crowe and Shannon Kelly

Weeds Won't Wait! Establishing a Grassland Community with an Integrated Weed Management Approach_Chet Neufeld

Performing Centre Stage: Noxious Weed Awareness_Nadia Mori

Past Native Prairie Restoration/Reclamation Workshop Presentations

For a PDF copy of these presentations, please contact the SK PCAP office at (306) 352-0472 or

2015 Native Prairie Restoration and Reclamation Workshop

  1. Prairie Restoration as a Landscape Conservation Strategy
    Chris Helzer, The Nature Conservancy, Aurora Nebraska “The Prairie Ecologis”
  2. A Step-by-step of Planning a Native Prairie Restoration Project
    Steven Tannas, Tannas Conservation Services
  3. Creating a Reclamation Cultivar
    Jay Woosaree, Alberta Innovates - Technology Futures
  4. Invasive Species of Concern in SK
    Chet Neufeld, SK Invasive Species Council
  5. Case Study: A Toolbox for Handling Invasive Species
    Kerry Hecker, Canadian Wildlife Services – Environment Canada
  6. Seed Testing Processes and Requirements
    Morgan Webb, Seed Check Technologies
  7. The Ecology of Recover: From Mines to Marshes
    Dave Polster, Society for Ecological Restoration – Western Chapter
  8. Incorporating Economics in Ecosystem Restoration
    Dr. Kim Rollins, Visiting Scholar, Environment Canada (University of Nevada)
  9. Creating a Seed Mix
    Steven Tannas, Tannas Conservation Services
  10. Breeding of Native Grasses
    Bruce Coulman, University of Saskatchewan
  11. Advances in Mining Stewardship - Wetlands, Native Prairie and Rare Plants
    Emily Clausen, Westmoreland Coal / Amber Smith, Stantec
  12. Forming a Native Plant Cooperative for Southern Alberta and the Prairies
    Marilyn Neville & Ross Dahl, Foothills Restoration Forum
  13. Beaver Creek Restoration
    Luc Delanoy, Meewasin Valley Authority
  14. Riparian Restoration on the Swift Current Creek – 1 Year Update
    Karlah Rudolph, Swift Current Creek Watershed Stewards
  15. Wetland Restoration in Practice
    Aron Hershmiller, Assiniboine Watershed Stewards
  16. Wetland Restoration and Enhancement through the National Wetland Conservation Fund
    Darcy Henderson, Canadian Wildlife Services – Environment Canada
  17. Silver Sage Conservation Site: Return of the Prairies
    Brad Downey, Alberta Conservation Association
  18. Native Revegetation on an Industrial Scale – Pushing Boundaries
    Chris Penner, Scatliff+Miller+Murray
  19. Wild Seed Harvesting
    Renny Grilz, Blazing Star Wildflowers
  20. Wildlife-Friendly Fences: Mythical Creatures or Practical Solutions?
    Paul Jones, Alberta Conservation Association

2014 Native Prairie Restoration and Reclamation Workshop

  1. Native Prairie Restoration – Daryl Smith – Tallgrass Prairie Centre, University of Northern Iowa
  2. Natural Recovery for Grassland Revegetation - Etienne Soulodre - Water Security Agency
  3. Economics of Native Prairie Restoration - Dale Gross - Nature Conservancy of Canada
  4. Wetland Restoration - Kelly Rempel - Ducks Unlimited Canada
  5. Restoration: Theory and Practice - An Overview of Basics and Planning - Larry Gabruch - Native Plant Solutions
  6. Seed Regulations & Seed Analysis Reclaimation Workshop  - Seed Testing Methods - Morgan Webb - Seed Check Technologies
  7. Successful Restoration of Fescue Grasslands in South Western Alberta - Steven Tannas - Tannas Conservation Services
  8. Bioengineering as a component of community-based eco-action towards riparian restoration - Karlah Rudolph - Swift Current Creek Watershed Stewards
  9. Reclamation and Conversion to Native Grasslands in Alberta: Available Resources, Training Initiatives, and Monitoring Requirements - Ron McNeil - Landwise, Barry Adams - Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development
  10. Reclamation in Native Prairie: A SaskPower Experience – Constructing a high voltage transmission line - Hélène Careau - SaskPower
  11. Restoring Our Prairie Heritage - Lessons From 26 Years of Planting Prairie - John Morgan - Prairie Habitats Inc.
  12. Energy Sector Footprint - is natural regeneration or active restoration the way to go? - Mark Sherrington - Shell Canada
  13. Alberta Rangelands - Moving from Reclamation to Restoration - Barry Adams - Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development
  14. Prairie Fire: Fire History and changes in songbird abundance in Grasslands National Park - Carolyn Gaudet - Grasslands National Park
  15. From intentions to success in Native Plant revegetation: a Landscape Architect's perspective - Bob Somers - Scatliff + Miller + Murray

2012 Native Prairie Restoration and Reclamation Workshop

  1. The Important Connection between Native Prairie and Species at Risk - Brad Downey, Alberta Prairie Conservation Forum
  2. Native Prairie Restoration: Theory vs. Reality - Mark Majerus, USDA Plant Material Centre
  3. Results from the Native Plant Materials Industry Assessment: Where are we and Where are we Going? - Chet Neufeld, Native Plant Society of Saskatchewan Inc.
  4. Greencover Survey Results - Craig Gatzke, Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada, Agri-Environment Services Branch
  5. Native Seed Provider Presentation: How to Grow Native Grass for Seed AND Stay Married! – John Skinner, Skinner Native Seeds
  6. Native Seed User Presentation: Spirit of the Prairie – Vince Petherbridge, EnviroScapes Inc.
  7. Native Seed Provider/User: Forward Contracts for Ecological Restoration – Thomson Farms (Dinsmore, SK) and Darcy Henderson, Environment Canada – Canadian Wildlife Service
  8. Successful Project Planning: an Overview of Five Urban Re-vegetation Projects - Trace Johnston, Bedrock Environmental Services Ltd.
  9. Grassland Restoration Challenges and Opportunities: Laura James, Grasslands National Park of Canada
  10. Native Prairie Reclamation: a Case Study from Poplar River Mine: Emily Clauson, Sherritt Coal
  11. Challenges of Gravel Pit Reclamation on a Federal Community Pasture in Central Manitoba - Mae Elsinger, Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada, Agri-Environment Services Branch
  12. Putting it All Together in the Prairie: Renny Grilz, Nature Conservancy Canada
  13. Using Native Seed: a Producer Perspective on Native Prairie Restoration – Art McElroy, Dayspring Farms
  14. Prescribed Burning Management – Robin Hamilton, Ducks Unlimited Canada
  15. Managing Invasive Plants while Restoring Native Prairie – Monica Pokorny, Confederated Salish & Kootenai Tribes
  16. Long-Term Grazing and Forage Production on Re-Established Native Grassland in Southern Saskatchewan – Alan Iwaasa, Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada, Semiarid Prairie Agricultural Research Centre
  17. Establishment and Restoration at Meewasin Valley Authority – Mike Velonas, Meewasin Valley Authority
  18. Long-term Monitoring of Kinder Morgan’s Express Pipeline Restoration Project – Jane Lancaster, Kestrel Research Inc.
  19. Restoration and Maintenance of Fescue Grasslands in Prince Albert National Park – Dustin Guedo, Parks Canada
  20. Tackling Restoration Issues using Science and Information Exchange – Marilyn Neville, Foothills Restoration Forum
  21. Assessment Form for Success of Native Prairie Restoration - Workshop Leads: Kerry Hecker (Environment Canada, Canadian Wildlife Service) & Chet Neufeld (Native Plant Society of Saskatchewan)
  22. Native Seed Mixes and Orders – Quality Assurance - Workshop Lead: Tara Mulhern-Davidson (Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada, Agri-Environment Services Branch)
  23. Native Seed Mixes and Orders – Quality Assurance - Workshop Lead: Larry Gabruch (Nature Conservancy of Canada)
  24. Restoration Funding Sources, Criteria and How to Fill Out the Application - Workshop Lead: Vicki Asu (Environment Canada, Environmental Damages Fund and EcoAction Fund)

2011 Native Prairie Restoration and Reclamation Workshop

  1. The Art and Science of Restoration – Mark Majerus, USDA Plant Material Centre
  2. Overview of Native Prairie in Canada – Jeff Thorpe, Saskatchewan Research Council
  3. Alberta Policy and Regulations for Grassland Reclamation Criteria, Evolution of the Criteria from 1995 to Today – Prepared by the Reclamation Criteria Advisory Group (RCAG) - Jody Spady, Husky Energy
  4. Restoration Success Through Neighbour and Density Management - Scott Wilson, University of Regina
  5. The Benefits of Seeding Native Prairie - Paul Jefferson, Western Beef Development Centre
  6. Steps to Successfully Revegetating Grasslands with Native Species - Michael Champion, Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada – Agri-Environment Services Branch
  7. Howland Native Prairie Restoration - Progress Report - Gary Howland, Producer from Lumsden, SK
  8. Revegetation After Brush Removal on Narcisse Community Pasture - Bev Dunlop, Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada – Agri-Environment Services Branch
  9. NEB Regulatory Process and Native Prairie Protection - Dylan Adderley, National Energy Board
  10. Manitoba Mixed-Grass Prairie Habitat Stewardship Project - Kathy Murray, Critical Wildlife Habitat Program
  11. Investing in Native Prairie and Biodiversity - Diana Ghikas, Environment Canada – Canadian Wildlife Service
  12. Case Study: Nature Conservancy of Canada’s Old Man on His Back Ranch - Revegetation of 1,100 Acres of Dry Mixed Grass Prairie - Renny Grilz, Nature Conservancy of Canada
  13. MULTISAR Project: Restoring Native Grassland in Southeastern Alberta - Emily Pollak, MULTISAR
  14. Morton Purchase: A Case Study for Management - Robin Hamilton, Ducks Unlimited Canada
  15. Restoring Tallgrass Prairie in Beaudry Provincial Park, Manitoba - Jessica Elliott, Manitoba Parks and Natural Areas
  16. Canadian Wildlife Service High Diversity Restoration - Kerry Hecker, Environment Canada - Canadian Wildlife Service
  17. From Bird Biologist to Range Agrologist – A Harrowing Story - Susan Skinner, Operation Grasslands Community
  18. Seed Availability and Equipment Selection: The Technical Side of Seeding - Larry Gabruch, Nature Conservancy of Canada
  19. Economics of Seeding Native Forage - Richard McBride, Ducks Unlimited Canada
  20. A Snapshot of the Native Plant Industry and its Implications for Restoration Efforts - Chet Neufeld, Native Plant Society of Saskatchewan Inc.