History of SK PCAP

From 1989 to 1994, the World Wildlife Fund of Canada launched the first Canadian Prairie Conservation Action Plan. In 1994, the plan was evaluated by an ad-hoc committee and it was concluded that little progress had been made. The ad-hoc committee formalized itself into a working group to develop a Saskatchewan Prairie Conservation Action Plan (SK PCAP) in 1995 and by 1997, the 1998 - 2003 SK PCAP was developed.

Formalized as a partnership in 1998, the SK PCAP has subsequently developed two five-year Action Plans - covering periods from 1998-2003 and 2003-2008. The 1998-2003 PCAP effectively addressed shortfalls identified in the 1989-1994 national PCAP. Building on the first plan, the 2003-2008 Plan renewed Partner commitments and carried forward goals from our 1998-2003 Plan, which was successful in advancing progress on many of its actions. The 2003-2008 Plan consisted of a Vision (Native prairie be sustained in a healthy state in which natural and human values are respected), five Goals, 25 Objectives and 78 Actions supported by a detailed implementation strategy complete with time-lines and lead and support Partners. The 5 goals of the 2003-2008 plan were:

Goal 1: Sustain a Healthy Native Prairie Grazing Resource
Goal 2: Conserve the Remaining Native Prairie
Goal 3: Maintain Native Prairie Biological Diversity
Goal 4: Promote Complementary Sustainable Uses of Native Prairie
Goal 5: Increase Awareness and Understanding of Native Prairie and its Values

Rather than a five-year action plan, the Partnership has developed a five-year Framework for Action upon which annual action plans will be built for 2009-2013. The Framework sets out a renewed Vision (Healthy native prairie ecosystems as vital parts of our vibrant and strong communities), a Mission, and Guiding Principles for the SK PCAP Partnership. It also outlines three goals and five priority areas of focus. Working groups have been formed around these focus areas, and they will develop, report on, and revise action plans around each focus area annually. The Partnership will work to implement prairie conservation initiatives that grow out of the unique capacity provided by a partnership such as this. Since its inception in 1998, the SK PCAP Partnership grew from 16 to 27 Partners and currently sits at 32 Partners.

SK PCAP History Timeline:

  • 1989: 1st Canadian PCAP launched by World Wildlife Fund of Canada (WWFC)
  • 1994: Evaluated by an ad-hoc committee - concluded that little progress was made
  • 1995: Ad-hoc committee formalized itself into a working group to develop a SK PCAP
  • 1997: 1998 - 2003 SK PCAP was developed to address shortfalls identified in the former Plan and was more effective in achieving results
  • 1998: Saskatchewan Prairie Conservation Action Plan Partnership established and 1998-2003 PCAP launched in June 1998 with 16 partners
  • 2003: 2003-2008 SK PCAP launched in June 2003 with 27 partners
  • 2009: 2009-2013 SK PCAP launched in June 2009 with 26 partners
  • 2014: 2014-2018 SK PCAP Framework launched in June 2014 with 30 partners
  • 2019: 2019-2023 SK PCAP Framework launched in June 2019 with 30 partners