Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events from PCAP Partners and Supporters: 

Volunteer Opportunity: Everybirdy Deserves a Home at Fairy Hill

Saturday, April 27th from 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Nature Conservancy of Canada will be strategically installing nest boxes for Tree Swallows and Mountain Bluebirds on fence posts. We will also be performing maintenance on the interpretive trail to keep in tip top shape for visitors to enjoy!

Register at https://events.natureconservancy.ca/al-event/everybirdy-deserves-a-home-at-fairy-hill/

Volunteer Opportunity: Ramped up for Restoration at Meeting Lake

Saturday, May 4th from 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM

You will spend the day planting a variety of tree seedlings, including White Spruce, Paper Birch, and Red Osier Dogwood and contributing to the recovery of this property by creating new vegetation communities and habitats for wildlife, all while getting to explore the stunning boreal transition area. Not to mention spending time with like-minded individuals and NCC's experts!

Register at https://events.natureconservancy.ca/al-event/ramped-up-for-restoration-at-meeting-lake/

Nature City Festival:
Look up, look down, look side to side. Those weeds, that rare flower, that bird! Citizen science is a growing field in which public observations contribute to conservation efforts. On May 24th, join us at the Underground Café in Saskatoon at 7 PM and hear from local conservation experts as we explore your role as a citizen scientist. Using examples, the speakers will guide you through different applications and real-world examples so that YOU can become your own scientist! Register athttps://act.natureconservancy.ca/page/41190/event/1
ON May 25th, join NCC staff and special guest Aaron Bell as we put our citizen science knowledge to practice on NCC’s Dundurn property! We will demonstrate the use of different applications to record what we see and explain why documenting wildlife, plant, rare species and weed observations is important for conservation planning. You will leave equipped with the tools to begin or continue your own citizen scientist journey!  Register at
Shorebird Tour with Chaplin Nature Centre:
The Chaplin Nature Centre is a world-renowned interpretive facility that is dedicated to the protection of critical shorebird habitat and migratory shorebirds. As part of the Chaplin Nature Centre’s 22nd Annual Shorebird Festival and Fundraiser, join us on June 1st as we survey the area for birds of all kind to help contribute to international population trend data, which also serves as important data for NCC’s property management plans for properties in the area! Spots are limited – register soon at https://events.natureconservancy.ca/al-event/shorebird-tour-with-chaplin-nature-centre/
Milkweed for Monarchs  Hospitality for Royalty:
On June 15th, come out and help us plant 800 milkweed plugs on Big Valley as part of our restoration plan for this property! Monarch butterflies are listed as an Endangered species in Canada and milkweed plants are the only food that the larvae of these butterflies can eat. Milkweed is critical to the life cycle of the Monarchs. Without milkweed these beautiful butterflies will completely disappear; their population has already dropped an incredible 90% over the past decade. Spots are limited – register soon at https://events.natureconservancy.ca/al-event/milkweed-for-monarchs-hospitality-for-royalty/
Check out our Native Prairie Speaker Series page! We ALWAYS have something on the go!