NPRRW 2018 Presentations

Program Overview

Wednesday February 7, 2018

Oil and Gas Development: a Producer's Perspective_Brian Weedon

Managing Habitat: Or Balancing the needs of Agriculture, Wildlife and Industry on the Prairie Landscape_Neal Wilson

Climate Change and Canadian Native Prairie - Jeff Thorpe

Restoration Challenges: Past, Present and Future_Ron Bowen

Technology and Reclamation Design _ Ragnar Robinson and Toby Noy

Irrespective of burn history, high levels of browsing are required to effectively control aspen encroachment in upland Manitoba_Kathryn Barr

Enhancing Grassland Bird Habitat in a Semi-Urban Setting - Renny Grilz

Descriptions of Manitoba's Aspen Parkland Plant Communities for Rangeland Health Monitoring_Lysandra Pyle

Stories from the Pit: What wetland soils can tell us about the landscape_Angela Bedard-Haughn

Thursday February 8, 2018

City of Saskatoon's Green Infrastructure Strategy Project_Genevieve Russell

Natural Processes for the Restoration of Drastically Disturbed Sites_David Polster

Ducks Unlimited Canada's Wetland Restorations on Agriculture Lands in Saskatchewan_Trevor Plews

Artificial Wetland Creation - Purpose, Design and Construction_Ben Poltorak_Earthmaster

Holistic Management approach to reclaim and restore grasslands_Kansie Fox

Recovery Strategies for Industrial Disturbance in Native Grasslands_Jane Lancaster

Restoring 71 - Redefining Value on Undesirable Land_Katie Suek

Traditional Ecological Knowledge; Look to the Future, Learn from the Past_Carol Crowe and Shannon Kelly

Weeds Won't Wait! Establishing a Grassland Community with an Integrated Weed Management Approach_Chet Neufeld

Performing Centre Stage: Noxious Weed Awareness_Nadia Mori